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Annabelle Creation Review



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Great scare factor, solid actor performances, good direction, threads previous films together well.


Not as great as the James Wan films, story can fall flat at times.

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A fun horror prequel to a piece of an expanded ‘Conjuring’ universe.

Posted October 15, 2017 by

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The latest film in the The Conjuring franchise based on the paranormal adventures of the Warren family is on VOD & home media. In Annabelle: Creation, the prequel to the first Annabelle, a family is plagued by the supposed cursed titular doll and must rid themselves of its evil. Only this time the Warrens aren’t around to help out.

Annabelle: Creation is the 2017 sequel to Annabelle, it is produced by New Line & distributed by WB Pictures.

The scare factor is heavy in Annabelle: Creation.

The Conjuring franchise continues it’s growth with Annabelle Creation, the prequel to the first spinoff series. Based on the actual supposed cursed doll of the same name, the film takes place prior the doll being a member of the Warren family’s personal paranormal collection. While it’s quality is less than that of earlier entries, Annabelle Creation does succeed in being a scary, ok to good time.

The first victims of Annabelle’s terror.

THE GOOD: One of Annabelle Creation’s greatest aspects is that it’s a prequel that mostly works and a horror prequel at that no less. Cast performances are actually pretty decent by most horror standards, which says a lot for a virtually unknown roster of actors/actresses outside of Miranda Otto & Anthony LaPaglia. The scares can actually be pretty terrifying and while ‘Creation’ tends to go for a jump scare here and there it’s not dependent on it. It relies more on atmosphere scares above jump scares.

A bridge builder to previous films.

THE BAD: There’s awkward moments when the story goes on a pause with a ton of unnecessary silence that does nothing more than slow things down. It doesn’t feel as quality as the films directed by James Wan.

Despite it’s issues Annabelle Creation does a good job creating the gateway for James Wan’s planned “full circle”.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Though not short of problems, as with most horror films in it’s position, Annabelle Creation is a chilling, satisfyingly scary good time. It excellent;y bridges together what can only be assumed as a second phase and first phase to a new established universe.





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